Hey Everyone!

I want to welcome you to my site and say thank you for stopping by! Many who know me know that I sing. Those who I interact with know that I'm a mom, a worship leader, and a friend. Well, there is more to me that is yet to be revealed. As I grow in maturity and age, I am learning more and more who I really am. The true me. As revelation comes, more of the true me comes along with it. We are all on this journey. I'm not alone. There are unique characteristics about us that no one else on the planet possesses. That's pretty awesome when you ponder on that fact! #Selah. So I say this to convey that I believe its important for all of us to shine. To contribute. To give! My prayer is that as we take this journey together to Dump Fear and Marry Faith, you will be inspired, uplifted, and empowered to help someone else do the same. We are better together.

Always remember that the light you bring is needed by the world. Don't stand in the shadows. We are waiting for your glow! :)


Tia Rachelle